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Early Dance Division

"almost" 2-3 yrs

An eight-week program that is designed as an introduction to music and movement for the young, while accompanied by an adult. This morning class is filled with energy and full of fun for everyone.

3 yrs

Creative Movement 1 expands a child's creativity and coordination using music and dance in an enthusiatic environment, while maintaing structure and discipline. Our little ballerinas and danseurs attend this program one day per week.


4 yrs

Creative Movement 2 cirriculum introduces children to primary steps, rhythm, and flexibility. This class also begins to introduce the French terminology used in Ballet.


This age group is able to participate in "Tiny Tap."

5 yrs

This is the final level of the Children's This class helps with body awareness, confidence, and positioning. This class prepares the young dancer for the upcoming years of technique and study.

4 yrs

Introduction to basic tap steps.

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